Oct 31

Brigitte's Favorite Turkey Trot

by: Brigitte Gray

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"I think I love the race so much because it brings back a lot of positive memories and feelings for me. Memories of when I was faster! Memories of when I had to do hill repeats on that course with the Pinkerton XC Team (Thanks Amy Joyce Bernard)! The course itself can be tough if you’re out of conditioning, which I have definitely been some years.


Then there are the memories of the first two years I went while I was in college. My brother is only a year and half older, and he enlisted in the Marines while a senior in high school, the year was 2004. Sean was on tour in Iraq for most of 2005 and 2006, so it had to be 2006 and 2007. My freshman year I had laryngitis and I was bumming. Another major holiday without Sean. I tried to keep a thick skin the whole time and act like it was no big deal that he was away.


Then out of the blue he caught a ride north with some other Marine friends and surprised me at the race. He was wearing jeans and work-boots. He was running - backwards… in front of me and telling me to stop acting like a baby and pick up the pace!


I couldn’t be happier to see him. I tried to yell at him and tell him I was sick, but I couldn’t. I had laryngitis so I just smiled and gave him a hand gesture. The sweaty hug was coming at the end don’t worry!


The following year he made it back for the race again and as Facebook would remind me, he made it back for Christmas as well.


Now when I go I get to see my former Coach, run with my brother and his awesome fiancé, we stop in to see the Mote’s who we met through working at Runner’s Alley. It’s a real community race that keeps the cost low, gives food to the local food bank, and functions on volunteers who show up early the morning of Thanksgiving. It just makes me feel so thankful and gracious for my ability to run and be surrounded by those I care about.”


See you at the race: http://www.gdtc.org/run/index.php/turkey-trot

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