Jul 18

Say Hello to the New Girl

by: Charlee Chico

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Like many people in their early stages of adulthood, I have undergone a lot of changes in a couple of years. I have lived from place to place, taken course after course, and switched my major more than once. The one thing that has stayed consistent is my passion for running. I was a runner throughout high school and picked up momentum the summer after my senior year, entering the half marathon world. Running half marathons has further fueled my passion for running and, although some may find it insane that I occasionally “squeeze in” runs at 1am, to me it is simply doing what I love most.


Running in college was different from running in high school because, unlike in high school, I did not have a team. It is a common misconception that running is strictly a solo sport. The running community is one of the most supportive and encouraging communities I have ever found, and my high school cross country running team embodied that perfectly. However, once I arrived at college I found that between classes and labs and extracurricular activities I was without a running team. I sorely missed sharing this passion of mine with others. That is when I found myself at the doorstep of Runner’s Alley. The second I stepped into the Portsmouth store, I felt the atmosphere of warmth and friendliness mixed with undeniably unique people. I felt that for the first time in a long time I was home. Within my first week I met most of the Portsmouth Runner’s Alley staff, and all I could think about was how unbelievable it was to see so much talent packed into such a small space.


The mechanics of running, of course, were not new to me, but retail and running specialty certainly were! At first, the information everyone at Runner's Alley knows seems incredibly overwhelming. However, as I ease into my first few months here there has been nothing but help and knowledge shared with me, from brand reps, staff, and Jeanine. There are two things that I find particularly fantastic and unique about our team at Runner's Alley. The first is the amount of people in this small community that want to see you grow. My team members genuinely care about my progress both as a runner and as an employee. They are nothing but supportive of me and my goals. The second thing is that regardless of how much knowledge or expertise anyone may have of running specialty, no one is set in his or her ways. The running world is constantly changing, and everyone here is aware of that and always looking to learn more and expand their knowledge further.



I am able to contribute nutritional information to the team's knowledge because I am currently in my senior year studying Nutritional Science at UNH. My major allows me to offer unique insight to both staff and customers and assist them with dietary information that is pertinent to them. Food is, after all, the body's fuel, and to people who are new to running, or have been running for as long as they can remember, it is important to be aware of how you are fueling your body.


Runner's Alley has quickly become a place of incredible support and encouragement for me and thanks to the staff here I am starting to train for my first marathon in November! I look forward to working and growing and running alongside my team members and to sharing our passion with any and all of the customers who stop by our small and friendly store.

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