Apr 7

Trail Time

by: Eric Martinson

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Spring has sprung… sort of. Right about now, some of you have probably had it with the long winter of pounding the icy pavement in and around Portsmouth. In addition to the toll this can take on knees, hips, and ankles, it can also have significant impact on the mind. I’m not talking about the impact of your brain bouncing around inside your noggin as you bound down Congress Street; rather, I am refering to the dreaded Ground Hog Day effect that results from running the same routes week in and week out. I know that for myself, the Ground Hog Day effect quickly zaps my motivation. My advice? Hit the trail!


Make some time this week or this month to run, walk, or muck through the wonderful wooded trail systems that surround Portsmouth. The trails are beautiful (and often less crowded) this time of year, and you’ll find they provide a breath of fresh air and a welcomed change of scenery. Your sore muscles will also thank you for the inclusion of a softer surface into your workout routine. However, refrain from wearing your tennis whites as the early Spring mud is bound to make you down and dirty. April showers bring May flowers… and running laundry, lots and lots of running laundry.

The staff here in Portsmouth has certainly caught the trail running bug this season. Christine and her four-legged bud, Salem, have been crushing Stratham Hill Park on the reg; you can spot Justin and his trail beard in the Urban Forestry Center; and Eric continues to bushwack on and around Mt. Agamenticus. Other local gems include Pawtuckaway State Park and Kingman Farm. If you are interested in adding a litte variety to your running regime, come by the store or check out this Seacoast and Southeast New Hampshire Trail Guide to help you pick a destination nearby.


Grab a buddy, get muddy, and happy adventuring!

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