Feb 13

Winter Running

by: Aaron Monier

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Want to get away? Need some quiet time to hit the reset button? Don't feel like spending a small fortune to at the ski resort? Want to sing at the top of your lungs where nobody can hear you? Want to go for a run but don't want to dodge cars and snow plow?


I've recently discovered the beauty of winter trail running. I'm totally enamored with the deafening silence, glistening snow, barren trees, and open vistas.  I feel fortunate to be in close proximity to such a great trail network here in Concord (check out City of Concord's website http://www.onconcord.com/index.aspx?nid=1033 for trails in the Capital City). 


The real secret to winter trail running is in the gear. It has been said that there is no bad weather, just inappropriate gear. Your equipment can make the difference between a miserable death march and a cathartic experience. Here are some essential pieced you won't catch me without.


Traction: Kahtoola MicroSpikes. Nothing bites into a icy trail like these bad boys. I've had the same pair for 8 years. They are absolutely essential on the trails.


Trail Shoes: I'm absolutely loving the Altra Lone Peak 3.0. It strikes the perfect balance of protection and feel for the ground. The NeoShell Polartec® version with a waterproof upper is absolutely amazing in winter conditions.



Socks: There's only one sock for winter trail running... Darn Tough Vermont's Micro Crew Cushion Hike/Trek. Unconditionally guaranteed for life, these rugged buties are made in Vermont with yarns from America and around the globe. You can thank me later.


Shell: You're going to want a wind and waterproof shell. Look no further than the North Face Stormy Trail Jacket (on sale until Feb 19th). The Stormy Trail is my most cherished piece of apparel, and it has a lifetime warranty. I legitimately own two because I never want to run without one. This shell is completely wind and waterproof and has a unique ventilation system to regulate your temperature. North Face thought of everything so you can focus on your run.


Happy trails,



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