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Run to the Front – Rolinda Mitchell

Jeremiah Gould

In our efforts to help highlight those in our community on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are bringing interviews from around New England.

Rolinda Mitchell is a Nurse Practitioner in the Emergency Department at Winchester Hospital and former Runner’s Alley employee.

“Especially during this age of social distancing, I think it’s been helpful finding peace and energy in the natural world, and the sunnier weather is a bonus.”


How are you involved in caring for Coronavirus patients?

I directly care for patients – both in the ER and also spent time at the field hospital – Boston Hope Hospital.  In the emergency department, we’re seeing a variety of acuity.


Do you exercise? If so, what do you do?

Yes, I race shorter distances, but mostly focus on triathlons – sprint distance is my favorite triathlon distance.  I also do a combination of weight training and yoga, along with hiking and spending time outside.


What do you tell yourself before you go to work so you feel positive and safe all day?

Music and comedy podcasts prior to work help me relax and prepare for the day.  I take each day one day at a time, and one moment at a time when it’s getting hectic. I work with an amazing crew and am so grateful for each and every person we have on staff, as we all help each other stay positive. .

How do you relax, refocus and/or recover mentally and physically from the daily tolls of your job?

Exercising is key for me to wind down and refocus.  Listening to music, catching up with my friends and family over calls and FaceTime/Zoom, and trying to cook/bake new foods has been huge for me over the past few weeks.  We also have occasional dance breaks or exercise breaks at work – I much prefer dancing to the burpees!

Does your facility have enough PPE and ventilators if you were to have a surge in COVID-19 patients?

We have more supplies than we did when this all started, but we are still re-using most of our PPE daily.  As with many facilities, we would not have enough resources if a surge occurred.

What could the community do for your place of work that would have an immediate and substantial impact on either the staff and/or patients?

Our community has been wonderful in showing support for the hospital and staff – we have been receiving cards/posters, food, donations of PPE, a parade, and other supplies such as ear savers.  Continued support from the community is key.  Continuing to follow the standards in place such as wearing a mask, proper hand hygiene, and social distancing will also help as we continue to prevent further spread of the virus.  All of the support, donations, and food deliveries have helped keep spirits up!

Is there anything else you want our customers to know about the situation?

This is an unprecedented time for everyone.  We cannot describe the pain and suffering we have been seeing with this virus. Please continue to practice social distancing, proper hygiene, and wear masks while out in public.  Please be patient with others and understand that we are all learning and going through this together.


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