Running in the Dark


It’s that time of the year to push back the clocks! The days will begin to feel much shorter and the nights will feel extremely long. If you like to run outdoors, this is the perfect opportunity to practice safe running/training for the winter season!
Wearing high-visibility gear is an absolute must when training outdoors. It’s beneficial when running by a main street or close to other runners, you will be seen and won’t be a surprise to others when you’re zipping past them on the pathway. Here are some ideas on what to wear to prepare yourself for those long winter nights:

Amphipod Xinglet Reflective Vest – Hi-Viz Green (440)
The Xinglet Reflective Vest is a necessary staple, it can be in great use when your athletic wardrobe is in need of neon, and it can go over any type of outfit! This light-weight, easily adjustable vest has 360 (degrees) of all high-vis, no one will miss you when you’re going for a run. It’s great for every-run use.

Brooks Men’s & Women’s Carbonite Jacket – Luminosity
The Carbonite Jacket is physically an all-around visible option to wear while training. Aside from the reflective vest, this jacket will also keep you visible and comfortably warm as it gets closer to the harsh New England winter. This light-weight jacket brings flexibility and durability to your run, it moves well with your body regardless of how long the workout is.

Sugoi Zap Wind Mitt – Black Zap | Brooks Greenlight Beanie – Nightlife
Of course, it’s necessary wearing gloves and a hat when running as it is walking around town, even more, when it’s high-vis. The Sugoi Zap Wind Mitt, although during the day, it might not look like high-visibility gear, when the light shined on it — the mitt glows up!

This reflective mitt complements well with the Brooks Greenlight Beanie. You will be ready to go for the next run-in-the-dark workout in this snug beanie, as it even has a reflective “Brooks” logo go to with it.  However, to be fully seen, you would want to wear either of these items along with a high-visible vest or jacket.

Now that you’re aware of what to wear in order to be seen, but always make sure to always see what’s ahead of you. We highly recommend training in high visibility places that have enough street lights so you can see what’s ahead of you.

*Also it is an uncertain time for all types of runners, and running groups are at a minimum, consider running with people in your “pod”! Not only running with other people is a good motivator, but it’s also a safer option when training out in the dark and colder nights. If you have any questions on what they right high-vis gear you should be wearing, please stop by your closest Marathon Sports, SoundRUNNER, or Runner’s Alley!

Author: Jessica R.