Summer Running Guide

National Hydration Day – Berry NUUN Smoothie!

Berry Smoothie
•12 oz water
•1 nuun berry blast energy tablet, let it effervescent in the water
•1 banana
•handful blackberries
•handful strawberries
•2 scoops plain yogurt
  • blend together and enjoy!
Hydration is important for runners for numerous reasons. All aspects of the body need to be hydrated to function properly, including cells, organs, and tissues. Hydration is especially vital for joints and ligaments. Think of them like sponges, when joints and ligaments are dehydrated they cannot twist or move as easily. This increases the risk of strains and injuries. By keeping hydrated before and during runs it help to improve performance.
Hydration also keeps athletes focused and energized. This smoothie will especially energize runners before a workout with the extra caffeine boost from nuun energy.
Recipe provided in partnership with Samantha Lauren, MS (@wellbysamantha) and Nuun Hydration.

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