New Hampshire's Oldest Running Specialty Store

Runner’s Alley is the store where runners, walkers, and fitness enthusiasts can find the gear they want and the advice they need to keep them doing the activities they love. According to founder and GM Jeanine Sylvester, “Running is our culture. Service is our passion.” She, as well as the staff who support her, stand by that philosophy by treating everyone who walks in the door with respect, no matter their athletic ability.

“The store is a place where any type of runner [or walker] can come to have his or her needs met with care and understanding.”

The Runner’s Alley team is dedicated to helping each person find what they need to continue living an active, healthy lifestyle. It’s not about selling – it’s about solving problems, educating customers, and creating a supportive community.

Since opening its doors in 1997, Runner’s Alley has become a hub of running activity, offering weekly group runs year round, as well as structured training groups several times a year. Many of those who participate in group runs turn into Runner’s Alley coaches, customers, and friends.

The Next Chapter:

In the fall of 2015 Runner’s Alley joined the Marathon Sports and Sound Runner family. The shared passion all three brands have for running and walking, as well as a commitment to excellence and community made the choice a natural fit.  Through this partnership, Runner’s Alley feels confident to continue to bring the best New England has to offer to our communities for years to come.


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